dronopod (with Keith Kaseman) explores a possible future where automation of airspace is ubiquitous, leading to the development of an entirely new type of infrastructure. Through methods of advanced digital modeling and fabrication, augmented reality application development, and speculative mapping, dronopod provides physical and spatial evidence of what that utility infrastructure might look like.
12 ft x 6 ft x 4 ft

venus; imprint (with Paul Taylor and Adam Sokol) Venus; imprint is an installation within a showcase business and residential space for a prominent international entrepreneur located in Beijing, China. The space includes an immersive, entirely custom designed and crafted sofa as well as a nearly 20 foot wide  photogravure artwork. The artwork was generated from NASA  Magellan radar mosaics which were enhanced for printing using machine learning software and then custom cut and finished. 
large scale installation